Jason Papudi

Born7 October 2006
SchoolMaragon Private School
Lives inMamelodi, Gauteng


After two years on crutches, Jason Papudi is looking forward to riding his bike and playing soccer with his friends again.

Despite the fact that it was a reckless driver that caused Jason Papudi’s life to change, what he most looks forward to is to learn to drive a car with his prosthesis one day. But for now,  he just wants to be able to ride his bike.

The almost 11 year old underwent an amputation in February 2015 after a motorist misjudged a T-Junction and smashed into him and his friend while they were playing in the front yard. Tshepang had to undergo an operation to repair the damage, Jason needed an immediate amputation.

By the time of his first assessment at Jumping Kids, the young soccer enthusiast had already had to rely on crutches for two years.

However, it is the impact on his education that is of greatest concern since he was forced to repeat Grade 2 after the accident which included a long stay in hospital.

Described as a hard-working learner with an aptitude for Math, he says his fellow learners were curious about his disability at first, but have since come to accept his different appearance.