Jayden van Heerden

Jayden van Heerden
Born11 January 2009
SchoolMayville Pre-primary
Lives inRoseville, Gauteng, South Africa


Jayden thrives on physical challenges, participates in all ‘normal’ physical activities, and is proud of his “cool leg”.

Jayden was born prematurely at 32 weeks with an affliction called amnio-band syndrome – a condition occurring in the womb that did not allow his left foot to develop below the ankle.

After two operations to remove the amnio-bands as well as to straighten Jyaden’s leg – he was fitted with his first advanced prosthetic at eight months.

Today, five year old Jayden thrives on physical challenges, participates in all ‘normal’ physical activities at his school, and is not in least embarrassed about his prosthetic limb but rather proud to show off his “cool leg”.

Since becoming a Jumping Kid Jayden has…

  • achieved all age appropriate developmental milestones without any problem
  • participated along-side his ‘able’ peers in activities including swimming, play ball, cricket and rugby
  • represented the Jumping Kids Prosthetic Fund at the Give a Kid Wings event (2011), Warrior Race (2013),  Celebrity Cycle Tour video shoot (2013), the Sondela Nature Reserve family function (2013)
  • participated in his first Gauteng Athletics meet (2014)
  • participated in school athletics against his able-bodied peers (2015)


Best Jumping Kids moment/s

As a Jumping Kids beneficiary, Jayden is exposed to all manner of situations, encouraged to strive for best results, and shown that anything is possible. He loves attending Jumping Kids assessments and events to show-off new physical skills.

Future goal/s

As parents we are very positive about Jayden’s future. We treat him as ‘normal’ and support him in everything he does. He is a persistent go-getter with a happy, can-do attitude. He inspires us!


To families facing similar challenges – remember to remain positive, be a good role model and realise it is not what you say, but what you do that makes a difference. Being part of the Jumping Kids family is a tremendous source of support.

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