Kananelo Mokhoke

Born17 June 2007
SchoolHope School, Johannesburg
Lives inFlorida, Gauteng


Kananelo was born with a congenital condition affecting his growth, right hand and leg. Known as our ‘lion-heart’, he is developing into a confident young man that embraces his opportunities.

Kananelo Mokhoke continues to impress every time he visits for a follow-up.

Displaying a clear understanding of his prosthetic needs, the value of the equipment, and how to care for his stump – it is his gentle, polite nature that shines through.

Listing his favorite subject as math, Kananelo hopes to become a doctor one day and is described as a hard-working student.

He has adapted well on his walking solution since those first tentative steps back in 2013 and, since receiving his sports solution, is described as more confident, outgoing and adventurous.

At school, he participates in athletics, cycling and basketball.

His favorite past-time is watching Cartoon Network or the music channel. He is also an avid car enthusiast – his favorite is a Lamborghini.