Tshireletso Nthongoa

Born10 January 2013
SchoolLesego Pre-School
Lives inKhutsong, Cartonville


Tshireletso Nthongoa is our ‘happy chappie’ poster child – full of smiles and giggles. This ‘always on the go’ youngster is developing on par with his able body peers.

Meet four year old Tshireletso Nthongoa from Khutsong, Cartonville. Born with congenital hemimelia, his leg was amputated above the ankle at Baragwanath Hospital when he was only one year of old.

Initially fitted with a state issue prosthetic, his mom, Puleng was referred to Jumping Kids by Dr. Brooke Puttergill  (CHAMPS) and, in September that year, Tshireletso was fitted with his first advanced solution.

He attends a mainstream pre-school and says his friends love his ‘cool leg’. Puleng describes her son  as a very active, extremely happy youngster who is always climbing, running, playing and has no issues with his ‘injury’.

Asked what she wants for Tshireletso’s future, she says “A normal upbringing and a chance to be brilliant! To work for himself and be successful”.